Hfs: Http File Server (version 3) 0.52.8
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Hfs: Http File Server (version 3) 0.52.8
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Hfs: Http File Server (version 3) 0.52.8
Hfs: Http File Server (version 3) 0.52.8
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HFS is a HTTP file server that allows you to share files on the Internet fast and easy, allowing clients to download them via a clean and simple website.The application basically turns your computer into a HTTP server and all users who wish to connect and download files can do that by loading a simple webpage in their browser.
HFS comprises a wide array of configuration settings, so you can change basically every single part of the application, starting with the way users download files and ending with the appearance of the created webpage.
The program thus allows you to set the IP address you wish to use, enable download limits and block the connected clients from using their download managers, set up the virtual file system, decide how to upload files and configure the behavior of the tray icon.
If you wish to upload new files, it's enough to drag them in the main window of the tool. On the other hand, right clicking in the left panel also offers you the option to share a whole folder, be it virtual or real.
The interface comes with two different modes, "Expert" and "Easy", with the first one providing not only a detailed graph to track the server traffic, but also several statistics such as the number of connections and upload / download speed.
Of course, HFS lets you set up user accounts and grant access only to some defined folders, but you can also kick or ban clients and even pause their downloads. As said, there are also dedicated tools to limit download speed and you can even block users from using download managers.
The number of features is absolutely impressive; you need a few days to really discover all its goodies. It runs on low computer resources and works on all Windows versions.
As a conclusion, this is one of the best ways to share files over the Internet and since it packs so many great features, it is definitely a top product.
Download and upload
Virtual file system
Highly customizable
HTML template
Bandwidth control
Easy/Expert mode
Full control over connections
Dynamic DNS updater


Hfs: Http File Server (version 3) 0.52.8
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Category: Applications | Date: 11-Jun-2024