Anhdv Boot Premium 2023 V23.7.1 (x64)
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Anhdv Boot Premium 2023 V23.7.1 (x64)
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Category: Applications | Date: 19-Sep-2023
Anhdv Boot Premium 2023 v23.7.1 (x64)

File Size: 3.65 GB

Anhdv Boot Premium is a professional recovery toolkit for Mini Windows 11 (Win11PE), Windows 10 (Win10PE), Win8PE and Mini XP computers. More than 150 programs on Anhdv Boot are divided into 2 groups: a group for WinPE and a group for DOS.

Anhdv Boot also supports Linux booting and virus scanning from USB/HDD Box. In particular, support for integrating Windows 7,8, 10, 11 installers into Anhdv Boot. Extension packs for Linux, antivirus, Windows installer.

Outstanding features of Anhdv Boot
- Good hardware compatibility, high stability and very easy to use with Help on Desktop WinPE
- Supports old computers using DDRAM II to newer Intel Gen 11, 12 computers.
- Automatically connect to Wifi (when creating a boot with 1 click on a computer connected to Wifi).
- Remote control support: Teamviewer, Anydesk, AweSun.
- Break the password of the computer that connects to the Domain or the machine that logs into the Microsoft account
- Support Unlock and Turn Off Bitlocker on WinPE (Need a password or Recovery key)
- Feature Scale screen ratio for high resolution screens 2k, 4k, 5k ...
- Support to install by Pass Windows 11 easily with Windows Setup.
- Easily run software on Windows, edit software is extremely easy.

Main functions
- Get Intel Gen 12, 11 and AMD Ryzen 5 NVME Hard Drives...
- Automatically add NVME drivers for Intel Gen 11 machines during Windows installation (Setup.exe)
- Full of basic rescue functions
- Only accept touchpads from older computers
- Can run software on Windows
- WinPE automatically connects to Wi-Fi

Premium functions
- Integrate Windows Installer for Recovery
- Support for 32-bit UEFI with Win10PE 32
- Crack the password of a domain machine, Microsoft account
- Support VGA driver, Share Lan, Ghost Lan
- Reading and writing partitions MacOS, Linux

Screen :
Anhdv Boot Premium 2023 v23.7.1 (x64)

What's New
Spoiler Changelog – Anhdv Boot Anhdv Boot 2023 v23.7.1 (September 10, 2023) Fix errors in changing WinPE wallpaper, changing screen resolution Fix shutdown error on low-configuration devices
Anhdv Boot Premium 2023 V23.7.1 (x64)
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Category: Applications | Date: 19-Sep-2023