A Love To Last A Lifetime: Clare Swatman
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A Love To Last A Lifetime: Clare Swatman
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A Love to Last a Lifetime - Clare Swatman

epub | 497.74 KB | English | Isbn:‎ B0BDJWHB5X | Author: Clare Swatman | Year: 2022

'Evocative, emotional and heart-stoppingly romantic' Cathy Bramley

The one that she wants...
Adam Bowers; handsome, funny and with the charm of a rock star, from the moment she laid eyes on him, teenage Erin was smitten. But first loves don't always last, and after a whirlwind romance, Erin and Adam go their separate ways. Yet, Erin never lets go of the feeling that Adam may have been her soul mate...

The one that she needs...
Greg fell in love with Erin in their first week at university. Solid, trustworthy and hopelessly devoted to Erin, he knows he's better for her than the feckless Adam, who is forever leaving Erin broken-hearted, before winning her back with his charm. As far as Greg is concerned, it's easy to promise the world, but it's harder to love someone for a lifetime.

The one that got away...
Years later Greg and Erin are married, and although life hasn't always been easy, Greg's love for Erin has never dimmed. But when Adam comes back, in desperate need of Erin's help, everything changes. Erin starts to wonder whether fate is trying to tell her something.
Will Erin risk it all for the man she had thought was 'The One'?
From the author of the bestselling Before We Grow Old, Clare Swatman. A Love to Last a Lifetime is for anyone who had a first love, a lost love or a love that lasted forever. Perfect for all fans of Sophie Cousens, David Nicholls and Josie Silver.

Praise for Clare Swatman:
'I loved How To Save A Life by Clare Swatman. Warm, romantic and wonderfully written, it's an emotional and thought-provoking read with such relatable characters.' Debbie Howells

' How To Save A Life is a beautiful love story that vividly evokes time and place, transporting the reader. and leaves you rooting for everyone who is brave enough to follow their heart and not their head.' Victoria Scott
'Heart-breaking and life-affirming in equal measures, Before We Grow Old is the tender story of a chance meeting between former childhood sweethearts Fran and Will, and is packed with secrets and revelations. Through her beautiful writing, Clare Swatman delivers a powerful lesson in learning to love with your whole heart and accepting the same, no matter what life throws at you.' Sarah Bennett
'Irresistible . . . A delightfully bittersweet story that will appeal to fans of One Day' - Sunday Mirror

' How to Save a Life is a breathless story of enduring love that will fill your heart and give you hope.' Laura Kemp

How to Save a Life is a gorgeously romantic, sliding doors love story about how The One will find you in the end.' Katy Regan
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A Love To Last A Lifetime: Clare Swatman
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Category: eBooks | Date: 25-Jan-2023