Yoga Secrets You DidnT Learn In Class
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Yoga Secrets You DidnT Learn In Class
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Category: Tutorials | Date: 22-Jan-2023
Yoga Secrets You Didn'T Learn In Class

Published 1/2023
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Language: English | Size: 1.98 GB | Duration: 1h 32mThe Next Level of Practice

What you'll learn
Yogic theory & concepts not normally encountered in a typical western Yoga class
How to warm up properly, basic preparatory postures, dynamic & static yoga practice
How Yoga & Qigong are related
Understanding the foundational basic postures & skills needed for a satisfying & fruitful yoga practice

This class is approachable for all levels, however some prior yoga, dance, qigong or other physical fitness is recommended.

This course provides a unique set of movements, postures and sequences designed to guide you progressively into your yoga asana practice. The house utilizes techniques which you may not have encountered in a mainstream setting. The course focuses on essential preparatory movements, stances & postures necessary to create solid foundation both physically and energetically. Session one includes some exercises borrowed from Qigong which are aimed at liberating and raising awareness of subtle energy. Throughout the course awareness of inner space and "feeling the energy body" is emphasized. Class modules are as follows: Session 1: Freeing energy through spiraling movements. This session includes a thorough body warm up with joint rotations. Session 2 and 2B: Grounding energy, consist of dynamic stance work aimed at charging the legs. Session 3: Freeing the Spine utilizes more Qigong as well as dynamic asanas which emphasize snake-like movements of the spine. Session 4: Making the Complex Simple explains that there are really only 5 basic positions. And in Session 5 I cover "Yogic hygiene and observances" which form the inner structure of asana practice. In understanding these basic concepts and working these foundational practices, the student will be rewarded with progress and a satisfactory yoga asana experience.

Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Introduction
Lecture 2 Grounding the Energy
Lecture 3 Grounding the Energy Continued: Session 2B
Lecture 4 Freeing the Spine
Lecture 5 Making the Complex Simple
Lecture 6 Yogic Hygiene & Observances
This course is intended for advancing yoga students who are looking for a deeper level of information, theory & technique than they may have encounted in a public class.


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Yoga Secrets You DidnT Learn In Class
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Category: Tutorials | Date: 22-Jan-2023