Write, Publish, And Sell Nonfiction Books That Matter
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Write, Publish, And Sell Nonfiction Books That Matter
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Write, Publish, And Sell Nonfiction Books That Matter

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Self-Publishing Books on Amazon that Compete with Traditionally Published Works

What you'll learn
Why books are still the best way to communicate with long-form depth, personality, and precision.
The many ways self-publishing is better and worse than traditional publishing.
The ideal readers and target audience for your unique message.
Structuring your communication for the ideal scope, length, and focus of your message.
How to craft an outline that captures the essential parts of your message and keeps you focused until you've finished your first draft.
The functions of developmental editing, line editing, and copyediting for nonfiction books.
Working with beta readers and using their feedback to rectify your book's shortcomings and enhance its strengths.
Avoiding the many pitfalls that make your book look poor quality, cheap, or amateurish at first glance.
Choosing a title, subtitle, and description that contain relevant search terms and entice sales from your target audience without misrepresenting your message.
Designing a cover that is conventional enough to be recognized for the type of book it is but unconventional enough to stand out from the crowd.
Narrating your audiobook or hiring a professional to do it for you.
Crafting your personal brand and bio as the author of your book.
Preparing your book's official launch date and getting the word out by sharing guest content on the platforms your audience frequents.
How to determine the ideal retail price of each format of your book with real market data.
Getting verified, positive online book reviews from readers during and after launch.
Dealing productively with results that aren't as good as you'd hoped and understanding the many forms success can take.
How professional life changes with reliable passive income and the other opportunities a book makes possible.
Repurposing your book's content for videos, courses, and other mediums to expand your influence.
Planning your next publications without letting your initial success or lack thereof become a creative trap.

Be passionate about having something important to share with the world.
Have a basic grasp of the norms of modern English writing.

By combining his experience as an educator and entrepreneur, author Gregory V. Diehl teaches passionate thinkers how to turn unique messages into profitable books-without sacrificing royalties or creative control to a publisher. Based on Gregory's authoritative book, The Influential Author, this course will show you the way.With in-depth advice about all stages of book creation, publication, and marketing, Gregory's course takes a uniquely grounded and intellectual approach to nonfiction self-publishing. Unlike self-publishing guides that promise to teach you how to write a bestselling book quickly and easily, the course actually walks you through the complex details of planning, writing, editing, and promoting your work at the standards of traditional publishing.Whether you are an experienced writer or have just started thinking about how to write a nonfiction book, this course will teach you about:Combining your passions and experience with reader demand to decide what book to write.Organizing your knowledge into sections and chapters for maximum comprehension and flow.Refining your book with feedback from editors, proofreaders, beta readers, and market testing.Choosing a title, subtitle, description, and cover design that capture your message and create sales.Pricing and promoting each format of your book (digital, print, and audio) for maximum readership and revenue.Enjoying lifelong passive income, influence, and meaning from your book's success.Reviews of Diehl's Work:"(Diehl) delivers a practical and encouraging guide to self-publishing nonfiction... Though lengthy, Diehl's book can be quickly read and is crammed with practical ideas that readers will want to highlight and refer back to when they endeavor to write their own book." Publisher's Weekly"I appreciate Diehl's critical gaze and think that he has contributed a great many ideas to the conversation of publishing within this book. Diehl has a strong sense of the types of nonfiction books he wants to create and the readers who want to buy them."Publishing Research Quarterly, Volume 36, Issue 4 "(The Influential Author) is refreshing, leaving no misinterpretation on what success is for a nonfiction writer. Diehl's writing is compelling and inspiring, aptly following the tenants of his own message. The author's book is a must-read for aspiring writers."US Review of Books "Every year there is at least one book that is a 'must read' for the aspiring writer seeking to have their manuscript become a book, and their book become successful. This year that 'how to' manual is Gregory V. Diehl's The Influential Author: How and Why to Write, Publish, and Sell Nonfiction Books that Matter... A complete and comprehensive course that should be a part of every community, college, and university library Writing/Publishing instructional reference and resource collection." Midwest Book Review "Gregory establishes seven aspects of the relationship between an author and their nonfiction book: philosophy, strategy, creation, refinement, presentation, promotion, and reward. Each of these areas is explored thoroughly and it becomes readily apparent that the 'rules' apply to all writers of nonfiction, no matter their stage of experience! Highly recommended." San Francisco Review of Books "I enjoyed The Influential Author as a reader who writes, but also as a teacher. I would consider using this book as a recommended resource for upper-level writing students who wish to see their work in print, and I think the philosophical sections would make great material for classroom discussion." Literacy Work & Play

Section 1: Why Write a Book?
Lecture 1 Intro to Influential Authorship
Lecture 2 The Social Power of Reading and Writing
Section 2: Planning Your Book
Lecture 3 The Motivation and Basis for Your Book
Lecture 4 Category Conventions and Marketplace Trends
Lecture 5 Book Structure, Scope, and Audience
Section 3: The Writing and Editing Process
Lecture 6 Navigating Writer's Block and Creative Inspiration
Lecture 7 Writing With Both Clarity and Unique Personality
Lecture 8 The Structure of a Nonfiction Book
Lecture 9 Tactical Outlining for Your Book
Lecture 10 Types and Functions of Editing
Lecture 11 Recruiting and Working with Beta Readers
Section 4: Preparing for Publication
Lecture 12 Choosing the Most Effective Title and Subtitle
Lecture 13 Choosing Your Ideal Cover Design
Lecture 14 Writing Your Book Description
Lecture 15 Formatting Each Version of Your Book
Lecture 16 Narrating Your Audiobook
Section 5: Book Launch and Marketplace Success
Lecture 17 Effective Pre-Launch Outreach
Lecture 18 Book Pricing and Royalty Strategies
Lecture 19 Accruing Public Book Reviews Online
Lecture 20 Generating Ongoing Readership
Lecture 21 Foreign Book Markets and Translation
Section 6: Life After Publication
Lecture 22 Fulfillment, Self-Investment, and Social Impact
Lecture 23 Passive Income and Your Next Books
Lecture 24 Conclusion
Experts in a field who want to share their unique knowledge with the world.,Professionals who want to brand themselves for the type of solutions they offer and information they promote.,People who have lived an extraordinary life or experienced something unique and wish to share that experience with others.,Modern-day philosophers with a new and useful perspective on age-old questions about life.,Those who have discovered a better way to make progress in a popular field of personal development.


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Write, Publish, And Sell Nonfiction Books That Matter
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