Success Secrets Of A Freelance Writer
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Success Secrets Of A Freelance Writer
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Success Secrets Of A Freelance Writer

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The Ultimate Guide to Becoming an Independent Author - Begin You Own New Career Within Days!

What you'll learn
Gain the skills necessary to thrive in the freelance writing world.
Feel motivated and full of self-belief in a new home based career.
Discover the many areas in which a creative writer may express him or herself for profit.
Learn the secret self-promotion tactics of a seasoned freelancer quickly.
Find out how professional freelance writers keep financially afloat at all times - whatever the prevailing economic climate!

No technical skills required. No prior knowledge of the subject is needed.
No experience necessary: just a love of words and a willingness to try.

Learn the Success Secrets of a Professional Freelance Writer
Over twenty fascinating sections, almost one-hundred 'talking head' lectures, and many information packed downloads, including hot market listings, you will discover how to thrive in the freelance writing industry.
Learn everything you need to know about magazine article and travel writing, ghost writing, genre fiction writing, nonfiction book writing, children's book writing, to effective copy writing, and much more - like how to promote yourself effectively, how to track your burgeoning income, and how to easily self-publish for profit.
Get crucial tips and proven tactics, from your lively and infectious host, for quickly setting up your own "home business" based on a career being creative and helpful with words.
This unique course presents a step-by-step, motivational program for personal writing success, whatever your level of expertise.
All you need is your enthusiasm and a willingness to learn and you could begin a new life of independence and freedom within days of taking this fun and insightful study aid.

Section 1: Housekeeping
Lecture 1 Please Read THIS Before You Start!
Section 2: Introduction
Lecture 2 Am I The Right Teacher For You?
Lecture 3 What You Need To Succeed
Lecture 4 Your Attitude and Easy Cash Writing
Lecture 5 How Much Money Can You Make?
Section 3: Creating Multiple Streams of Income
Lecture 6 The Main Point of This Course!
Lecture 7 Your Working Strategy and Its Measurement
Lecture 8 Pleasure or Profit? What's Your Priority?
Section 4: Mindset of the Modern Freelancer
Lecture 9 Why Do You Want To Be A Freelancer?
Lecture 10 Do You Have a Heart of Gold?
Lecture 11 The Best Attitude to Engender for Freelancing
Section 5: Practical Income Creation
Lecture 12 Drawing Up An "Activity To Income" Schedule
Lecture 13 The Reality of Freelancing for a Living
Section 6: Tracking Your Income
Lecture 14 Tracking Your Income
Lecture 15 Using Spreadsheets to Track and Predict Your Success
Section 7: Writing For Magazines
Lecture 16 Writing and Submitting Magazine Articles - The Facts
Lecture 17 Choosing Sellable Topics for Magazine Articles
Section 8: Writing Non Fiction Books for Publication
Lecture 18 Why Write Non Fiction Books?
Lecture 19 Getting Non Fiction Manuscripts Published
Lecture 20 Pitching Non Fiction to Publishers
Lecture 21 Choosing Topics for Non Fiction Books
Lecture 22 Choosing Your Own Topics for Non Fiction
Lecture 23 Choosing Your Own Topics for Non Fiction - 2
Lecture 24 Final Advice for Choosing Non Fiction Topics
Section 9: Genre Fiction Writing
Lecture 25 Genre Writing Introduction
Lecture 26 Genre Writing Requirements
Lecture 27 How To Write Romance Fiction
Lecture 28 How To Write Thriller Fiction
Lecture 29 How To Write Fantasy Fiction
Lecture 30 The Difference Between Science Fiction & Fantasy
Lecture 31 How To Write Horror Fiction
Lecture 32 The Increasing Emergence of Cross Genre Fiction
Section 10: Writing For Children
Lecture 33 Introduction to Children's Writing
Lecture 34 Writing for Children - The Marketplace and Publishers
Lecture 35 Writing for Children - Do and Don't
Lecture 36 Writing for Children - More Do and Don't
Lecture 37 Writing for Children - More Do and Don't
Lecture 38 Writing for Children - Conclusion
Section 11: Business Writing - and How To Get Paying Gigs
Lecture 39 Business Writing - Introduction
Lecture 40 Business Writing - How to Get Corporate Work
Lecture 41 Business Writing - How Much Should You Charge?
Lecture 42 Business Writing - Contracts and Payment
Lecture 43 Business Writing - Getting An Upfront Fee
Lecture 44 Business Writing - Conclusion
Section 12: Travel Writing
Lecture 45 Travel Writing - Introduction
Lecture 46 Travel Writing - Coming Up With Fresh Angles
Lecture 47 Travel Writing - Dispelling The Myths
Lecture 48 Travel Writing - A Good Camera is An Investment
Lecture 49 Travel Writing - Payment and The Big Gigs
Lecture 50 Travel Writing - Conclusion
Section 13: Ghost Writing
Lecture 51 Ghost Writing - Introduction
Lecture 52 Ghost Writing - Getting Started
Lecture 53 Ghost Writing - Contracts and Payment
Lecture 54 Ghost Writing - Tools of the Trade
Lecture 55 Ghost Writing - Conclusion
Section 14: Copywriting
Lecture 56 Copywriting - Introduction
Lecture 57 Copywriting - Common Sense and Fairy Gloss
Lecture 58 Copywriting - Payment Rates
Lecture 59 Copywriting - The Basic Rules
Lecture 60 Copywriting - Advanced Rules
Lecture 61 Copywriting - More Advanced Rules
Lecture 62 Copywriting - Using Persuasive Language
Lecture 63 Copywriting - Conclusion
Section 15: Self Publishing Online
Lecture 64 Self Publishing - Introduction
Lecture 65 Self Publishing - The Reality
Lecture 66 Self Publishing - Defining Your Goals
Lecture 67 Self Publishing - Your Strategy for Success
Lecture 68 Self Publishing - Choosing Your Platform
Lecture 69 Self Publishing - Nine Tips For Amazon Success
Lecture 70 Self Publishing Online - Conclusion
Section 16: Offline Self Publishing
Lecture 71 Offline Self Publishing - Introduction
Lecture 72 Offline Vanity Publishing
Lecture 73 Offline Self Publishing - Caring For Your Work
Lecture 74 Offline Self Publishing - Conclusion
Section 17: Grants & Funding
Lecture 75 Grants and Funding - Introduction
Lecture 76 Grants and Funding - Where to Find Donors
Lecture 77 Grants and Funding - Conclusion
Section 18: Helping Other Writers
Lecture 78 Helping other Writers - Introduction
Lecture 79 Helping Other Writers - How To Get The Work
Lecture 80 Helping Other Writers - How To Deal With Clients
Lecture 81 Helping Other Writers - How To Deal With The Work
Lecture 82 Helping Other Writers - Editing Work
Lecture 83 Helping Other Writers - Proofing and Submission Work
Lecture 84 Helping Other Writers - Book Doctoring and Mentoring
Lecture 85 Helping Other Writers - Teaching Writing
Lecture 86 Helping Other Writers - Becoming An Agent
Lecture 87 Helping Other Writers - Conclusion
Section 19: Self Promotion as a Writer
Lecture 88 Self Promotion - Introduction
Lecture 89 Self Promotion - Offline
Lecture 90 Self Promotion Ideas That Work
Lecture 91 More Self Promotion Ideas That Actually Work
Lecture 92 Self Promotion - Two Case Studies
Section 20: Self Belief and Maintaining a New Writing Career
Lecture 93 The End? Or Just The Beginning...
Lecture 94 Self-Publishing... Again!
Lecture 95 Maintaining a Career: Dealing With Writer's Block
Lecture 96 Self Belief: Your Secret Weapon.
If you're new to writing and you're not sure which way to go - fiction, non fiction or toward shorter works, this course is for you.,Discover your potential on a journey of discovery into the glamorous world of freelance writing. ,Be fully prepared to "GO PRO" if that's what you want!


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Success Secrets Of A Freelance Writer
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