Excel Data Analytics In Aml Financial Intelligence Analysis
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Excel Data Analytics In Aml Financial Intelligence Analysis
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Excel Data Analytics In Aml Financial Intelligence Analysis

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Applying Excel Data Analytics in Anti-Money Laundering/Combating Financing of Terrorism Analysis & Investigations

What you'll learn
Apply essential Excel features and functions in your data analysis
Apply Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts in AML/CFT Data Analysis

Excel 2007 or higher installed on your computer
You dont need to have any prior knowledge of excel

I created this course as a quick start in using Excel for AML/CFT analysis and investigation for those analysts or investigators that are looking for an alternative tool that is more affordable and has a much simpler learning curve than the conventional vendor specific analytical tools used in AML/CFT analysis and investigations. The course is also designed to accommodate anyone who is interested in having an insight into AML/CFT financial intelligence analysis using excel data analytics or anyone who wants to have a quick start in learning how to apply excel data analytics in AML/CFT financial intelligence analysis.

Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Introduction of the Course
Lecture 2 Introduction to Excel Features and Functions for AML/CFT analysis
Section 2: Excel Features Essential in AML/CFT Analysis and Investigation
Lecture 3 Import Feature
Lecture 4 Protect Feature
Lecture 5 Sort Feature
Lecture 6 Filter Feature
Lecture 7 Pivot Table Feature
Lecture 8 Pivot Chart Feature
Section 3: Excel Functions Essential in AML/CFT Analysis and Investigation
Lecture 9 Sum Function
Lecture 10 Subtotal Function
Lecture 11 Count Function
Lecture 12 Nth and Largest value Function
Lecture 13 Vlookup Function
Section 4: Course conclusion
Lecture 14 What did you learn ?
Section 5: Practice case study exercises
Lecture 15 About the Case Study Exercises
Section 6: Hypothetical Case Study Exercise #1- ML/TF Investigation (Operational/Tactical)
Lecture 16 About Exercise #1: ML/TF Investigation of an International Crime Syndicate
Lecture 17 Exercise #1-1(Excerpts of statement of funds receipts by MR N)
Lecture 18 Exercise #1-2 (Custom Declaration Analysis)
Section 7: Solution Videos Case Study Exercise #1
Lecture 19 Exercise #1-1
Lecture 20 Exercise #1-2
Section 8: Hypothetical Case Study Exercise #2- Strategic AML Descriptive Products
Lecture 21 About Exercise #2: Strategic AML Descriptive Charts
AML/CFT professionals,Analysts curious about using excel data analytics in financial intelligence analysis,Persons interested in exploring a career as an AML/CFT analyst or investigator,Persons who are interested in exploring new applications of excel data analytics


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Excel Data Analytics In Aml Financial Intelligence Analysis
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Category: Tutorials | Date: 23-Sep-2022