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Category: Applications | Date: 28-Jul-2014
Autodesk SketchBook Pro 6.2.6
Autodesk SketchBook Pro 6.2.6 | MacOSX | 76 Mb

Autodesk?? SketchBook?? Pro sketching software for Windows?? or Mac?? computers is a professional-grade painting app that is easy to use for every artist. This intuitive sketching and painting software can transform your computer into a complete toolkit for professional artists, illustrators, and designers. Also available for Apple iPad?? and Google Android??? devices.

View & Download Autodesk SketchBook Pro 6.2.6 | Letitbit | Uploaded

Category: Applications | Date: 28-Jul-2014
Cinematique Instruments GECKO Kaleidoscope KONTAKT
Cinematique Instruments GECKO Kaleidoscope KONTAKT | 198 MB
Gecko Kaleidoscope is a new member of the Gecko family. The concept of Gecko is based on the simultaneous use of up to 6 sounds - each of them can be loaded into sound slots. Gecko Kaleidoscope provides 38 nice prepared sound sources. There are lots of possibilities. Please visit the Gecko Page to get further infos and demos or check out the limited free version of Gecko.

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Category: Applications | Date: 28-Jul-2014
Corel AfterShot Pro (x86/x64) Multilingual
Corel AfterShot Pro (x86/x64) Multilingual | 240.4 MB

CorelĀ® AfterShot� Pro is a fast, flexible photo workflow solution that combines robust photo management, advanced non-destructive adjustments and complete RAW processing. Organize your photos in catalogs or folders. Find images quickly with extensive Metadata tools that let you search by camera settings, keywords, tags and more. Experiment with and alter images freely with non-destructive adjustment tools and apply enhancements precisely with selective editing. Easily output your work for albums, web sites or client review. With RAW support, powerful batch processing and incredible speed, AfterShot Pro is the fast way to professional photos.

View & Download Corel AfterShot Pro X86x64 Multilingual | Letitbit | Uploaded

Category: Applications | Date: 28-Jul-2014
CrazyTalk Pro 7.32.3114.1
CrazyTalk Pro 7.32.3114.1 | 161 MB

The CrazyTalk product family provides a total animation experience with innovative tools designed for aspiring and pro animators. Learn more about CrazyTalk and CrazyTalk Animator to choose which version matches your ambition.

View & Download CrazyTalk Pro 7.32.3114.1 | Letitbit | Uploaded

Category: Applications | Date: 28-Jul-2014
0DAY APPS 0722-IPT | 3.376 GB

View & Download 0day Apps 0722-ipt | Letitbit | Uploaded | Rapidgator

Category: Applications | Date: 28-Jul-2014

Indigo Renderer v3.6.28 WiN32 WiN64
Indigo Renderer v3.6.28 WiN32 WiN64 | 218 MB

Indigo Renderer is an unbiased physically based and photorealistic renderer which simulates the physics of light to achieve near-perfect image realism. With an advanced physical camera model a super-realistic materials system and the ability to simulate complex lighting situations through Metropolis Light Transport Indigo Renderer is capable of producing the highest levels of realism demanded by architectural and product visualization.

View & Download Indigo Renderer V3.6.28 WiN32 WiN64 | Letitbit | Uploaded

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